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Timbuktu Portrait

30 Nov


After 3 days of sleeping in the tent and eating sandy kebabs while attending Festival au Desert, i decided to go back to town to get some cash, probably shower and clean meal.

I took this photo while eating at this at this “fancy” Hotel name forgotten now, i had most delicious mince and rice, it was the first clean meal i had in 3 days.

I love this photo which was taken by a fellow South African traveler attending the Festival au Desert. I use it as my twitter avatar and other social media platforms.


CNBC Africa Interview

30 Nov

This was my first one on one interview about Africa, Mining and Travel my 3 passions, while i am confident about those 3 subjects discussing them on TV was a scary experience i did not know the questions before hand so, whatever came first in my mind had to be the answer i go with.

I had told my mother about the interview so she went on to tell  the rest of the family and friends, calls after the interview kept me busy the whole night.

I hope to get chance to do another interview preferably with more time to expand on some of the issues i raised on this interview.

Thanks to Paul Theron for giving me the first opportunity.

Hello Africa

27 Nov

Its final i will be blogging from now on, I have been lazy for way too long, I need to share my stories with the world. Please enjoy the journey with me, I welcome your comments and suggestions as always.


Thapelo Mokhathi