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Two Sister Tavern Lesotho

16 Jul

Two Sister Tavern Lesotho

One thing i love about the travelling is the randomness of things, while trying to check on the South African farm only accessible from Lesotho we passed this “Two Sister Tavern” a rudimentary watering hole. We bought to 750ml beer bottles and proceeded with our trip back to South Africa.


Malaria Diagnosis by Google Translate

5 Dec

Late last year and the beginning of this year i travelled to couple of Francophone Countries, prior the trip i bought couple of French material to ease me into the language. I knew nothing about French except saying “Bonjour and Jetaime” this should be popular phrases in French since i cannot even remember how i got to know them. Honesty speaking I was not perturbed by my lack of French when i planned my trip I just knew that somehow I will find the way, and finding the way i did.

When I first got to Burkina Faso, i was with fellow traveller who could say few things in the language and there was no need for me to use my phrase book and French translation podcast, the trouble started when she left the day after our arrival. I was now faced with having to speak the language since many people in Burkina Faso did not speak the English.

The second day after arriving in Burkina Faso I was not feeling 100% ok, i had bit of diarrhoea and sweating at night, I suspected that i may have contracted malaria since this where know symptoms of Malaria. Its at this point that i realised i am in trouble with French, i asked the recpetionist at the hostel I was staying in where is the clinic since he could speak little English he gave me some directions, which i faintly understood. I decided to walk to the clinic and ask people closer to where i think the clinic was to give me directions. I had my phrase book in my back pocket for what i hoped will be assistance,  that never sufficed, couple of people i asked could not understand me and i could not understand them, my big problem also was that i was incorrectly saying the the name of the clinic and that caused me to go around the bloc about 2 times without finding the place.

When i wanted to ask as question i would take my phrase book and try to translate using English animated pronunciation that did not help either, i tried saying Malaria hoping people will send me to the clinic that did not help also, its only when i decided to call the hostel and asked the receptionist that i realised i was saying the name of the clinic wrong, once i got it right,  people where able to direct me to the right place.  I got to the clinic  stood on the que, until it was my time to see the doctor, language barrier started again, the doctor could not say anything in English, he only heard when I sad malaria and i could not understand what he said in return. Its only when i realised that he was on the internet that i indicated that we should probably use google translate to discuss. I typed what was ailing me in English and translated that in French, he will ask me a question in French and translates that into English. We did that till he told me to go to the lab to get my blood tested.

Laboratory people had no problem with english so we managed to get all tests done, and they told me to come back after 5 hours for results, back to the clinic again it with google translate that i was told i have Malaria, the doctor was smiling when he told me that, at least i knew it was not serious. He gave me subscriptions which i got from the chemist in town, without a problem. My only problem was that I had to stop drinking alcohol for 7 days while on medication. That meant spending my new years eve without touching alcohol.


Hello Africa

27 Nov

Its final i will be blogging from now on, I have been lazy for way too long, I need to share my stories with the world. Please enjoy the journey with me, I welcome your comments and suggestions as always.


Thapelo Mokhathi